A few tips to help you through the emotional home-selling process.

This is it: the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’re ready to close on your house. I don’t know if you’re moving down the street, to a new area, or even out of state, but this is often an emotional process.

It may be the home where your grandparents lived, your children were born, or they spent the first three years of their lives. All of these factors can make this process difficult.

One tip is to take a family photo in front of the home. That way you can have it in your next house and think back fondly on the home and all the good memories you had.

Once you handle the emotional side, it’s time to focus on closing documents. You can usually sign your closing documents well before the buyer, so find out from the closing agent when they will be ready to sign. It’s usually at your convenience, so you can choose when and where to sign. Finally, you wait for the call that the buyers have signed, and you’ve closed escrow. 

If you have any questions about the home-selling process, please reach out to me by phone or email. I’d love to help you!