Welcome to part one of our 10-part series on the home-selling process. The first step in the process, which we’ll cover today, is hiring an agent.

First, ask your friends, family, neighbors, and do some research to find the best agent in your area. It isn’t necessarily the person with the most signs or listings: sometimes those can be an illusion.

“Interview at least three agents for the job.”

You want to hire an experienced listing agent. Representing a buyer and representing a seller require different skills. Many of us can do both, but there are plenty of people who specialize in one or the other.

I recommend interviewing at least three agents. Don’t let your personal relationships affect your decision. You have to have faith and trust in the agent you hire that they will represent you well. Are you doing your friend a favor, or are you trying to sell a house?

Keep an eye out for step two in the next episode in a few weeks. If you have any questions about how to find the right agent or anything else related to the home-selling process, reach out to me immediately. I look forward to hearing from you soon.